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  • To define and apply the IdISBa’s labor policy.
  • To resolve the employees’ requests or needs of information.
  • To process and manage the pertinent processes of human resources management (leaves, permits, permissions of absence, moonlighting…).
  • To manage all kinds of human resources hiring, including the hiring of new employees and the renewal of existing ones.
  • To manage the work-related queries, requests, and procedures.
  • To manage and file the documents related to the Human Resources Department.
  • To issue calls for personnel recruitment and selection.
  • To process the pertinent third parties’ hiring requests.
  • To manage the patronage process (donations).
  • To coordinate corporate activities along with the different centers and entities in which the IdISBa carries its research out.
  • To support the Project Management Department.
  • To prepare the budget of personnel costs.
  • To monitor and improve the actions for the prevention of occupational risks.
  • To support the implementation of the gender and diversity equality plan.


Useful links: 

Labour regulations

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers



Carolina Madrid Sanchez

Guillem Mut Tur




Telf.: (+34) 871 20 52 34 Ext. 64542 / 66305



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