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IdISBa aims to improve the health of the population by promoting and managing not only knowledge production but also translational research by creating synergies between basic and clinical research groups.



IdISBa is set to grow and thus be placed at the standard for excellence and scientific rigor. The Institute provides its research groups with international leadership as well as with the ability to attract public and private resources so they can produce and transfer their knowledge both to healthcare practice and to business networks.


Strategic Objectives

  1. To establish the IdISBa as a model institution for biomedical research in the Balearic Islands and to place the Institute among other institutions at the national and international levels by increasing the IdISBa's visibility and image. To strengthen IdISBa's brand.
  2. To promote the excellence in research in the IdISBa by supporting each of its research groups in accordance with their needs. This will be achieved by adding lines of research able to counter the challenges and needs of the Health system and by promoting translational research in coordination with basic and clinical researchers from different research groups.
  3. To have a strong organization in terms of management and scientific research that should adapt to the Institute's needs; redefinition of the internal processes of organization and management of the IdISBa. In accordance with the future reaccreditation process of the IdISBa.
  4. To support innovation in culture and activities, as well as the transfer of technology in the IdISBa, by promoting the production of ideas and the correct management of innovation. Relationships with the business networks and with other institutions will be strengthened.
  5. To increase the critical mass of researchers in the IdISBa by recognizing their activity and promoting a career in research as well as by instilling a culture of excellence in the Institute's employees.
  6. To maximize the gathering of resources, particularly, those of financial nature, as these are key to mobilize both material and human resources. To promote the use of the research support platforms of the IdISBa as well as their different services.
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