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Foundation Guillem Cifre de Colonya – IdISBa’s

1st Call for the funding of research projects on Aging and Chronicity 

2021 Call


The "Foundation Guillem Cifre de Colonya – IdISBa’s 1st call for the funding of research projects on Aging and Chronicity" from the Health Research Institute of the Balearic Islands (IdISBa) aims to promote health research and innovation in relation to aging and chronicity by financing, either in a partial or total amount, those research or innovation projects that may help the cooperation between the health sector, universities, and companies..


This call should be directed to the development of research activities within the aging and chronicity fields. The funds obtained through this call will allow the development of a pilot research project with specific activities focused on improving the population health in such fields.


The IdISBa, with the financial support from the Foundation Guillem Cifre de Colonya, calls a single funding opportunity for the development of high-quality health research projects.


This program aims to contribute to the promotion of the health and well-being of the citizens as well as to develop preventive, diagnostic, rehabilitative, and palliative aspects of the disease by reinforcing and increasing the competitiveness of R&D&I in health in the Balearic Islands. Moreover, this programs also pursues the design of new techniques, products, instruments, etc. that may improve the health of the population by protecting their intellectual property and marketing, thus reinforcing and increasing the competitiveness of R&D&I in health in the Balearic Islands in terms of aging and chronicity.


In addition, this call has been configured as call for projects that may allow preliminary results to be reached or established lines of research to become established, which could facilitate the granting of new funding opportunities in national or international competitive calls.



  1. Read the program terms.
  2. Download and complete the documentation.
  3. The project request form file will need to be printed, signed and returned scanned.
  4. Fill in the web form and attach the request and memory form files.
  5. Attach the CVAs from FECYT in a single ZIP or RAR file.
  6. Attach the certifications for the requirements as well as for the merits in a single ZIP or RAR file.
  7. Optionally, attach the supporting images for the project in a single ZIP or RAR file.
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