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Submission deadline: 25/06/2024 - 22/07/2024



This program aims to bring research nurses closer to the field of competitive research by granting grants for the development of health research projects to those researchers who have not yet obtained a competitive and public project as a PI. The Salus Infirmorum program will serve as a stepping stone to participate in future remarkable calls, providing competitiveness and continuity in their research activity.



Project characteristics:


• Research projects aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge for the improvement of nursing care for the population can be part of these projects. Likewise, there is also room for research actions aimed to acquiring new knowledge and skills that might be useful to develop new products, processes, or services or that might allow the existing ones to be considerably improved.
• Projects need to last 18 months.
• Projects must be carried out by researchers who are part of one of IdISBa’s research groups.




  1. Read the program terms.
  2. Download and complete the documentation.
  3. The request form for the project needs to be printed and signed. A scanned copy must be then returned.
  4. Fill in the web form and attach the request and memory form files.
  5. Attach the CVAs and merit documentation in a single file within a .zip .rar or a similar format.
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