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The Experimental Surgery and Animal Facility platform of the Institut d’Investigació Sanitària Illes Balears (IdISBa) Foundation is an animal testing establishment authorised by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Land of the Autonomous Region of the Balearic Islands, with register number ES070400006177.


The Experimental Surgery and Animal Facility platform of the IdISBa was created to provide a preclinical research service based on animal models. It features conventional facilities that are ideally suited for research and teaching activities involving animal testing, and is in full compliance with Spanish law (RD 53/2013) and European legislation (Directive 2010-63-EU).


The platform staff consists of a co-ordinator, a veterinarian in charge of animal welfare and a technician, who cares for the animals.


To ensure the welfare of the animals and that the research conducted is of high quality, the centre applies the principle of the Three Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) described by Russell and Burch (1959). The animals are also given regular health checks following FELASA recommendations, as well as hygiene and health controls on their feed, bedding, water, environment and facility surfaces.


Projects involving animal testing in the platform’s facilities must comply with the legislation in force (RD 53/2013). Accordingly, all projects to be carried out in the Experimental Surgery and Animal Facility Platform must:


Request the assessment report from the Animal Testing Ethic Committee of the IdISBa (CEEA-IdISBa), completing the CEEA-IdISBa Assessment Application (see attached documents).


Once a favourable report has been received from the CEEA, authorisation must be sought from the Competent Body (University of the Balearic Islands Animal Testing Ethics Committee,


Once the project has been authorised by the Competent Body, and the researchers wish to initiate the activity, use of the platform should be applied for through the website completing the Platform Use Application form.


For security reasons, access to the facilities is restricted, with a card-activated system in place. Prior authorisation is required for each user (the User Access Request form must be completed). Authorisation to access the platform will be valid for the same period of validity as the project authorised by the Competent Body.




1.  Animal facility area:

This area consists of:

  • Mouse room.
  • Rat room.
  • Rabbit room.
  • Large animals room. 


2. Experimental area:

This area consists of:

  • Two experimental operating theatres.
  • Post-operative room.
  • X-ray room.
  • Two laboratories.



  • Conventional racks and runs for rats and mice.
  • Ventilated rack for mice.
  • Racks with interconnectable cages for rabbits.
  • Feeders for powdered feed.
  • Individual tattoo identification system.
  • Thermal disinfector/washer for cages and other elements (Steelco AC1400).
  • S-1000 (Matachana) steam steriliser autoclave.
  • CO2 euthanasia equipment.
  • Weighing scales, vortex and small equipment for basic animal testing techniques (probes, restrainers, etc.).
  • Stereo microscope (ZUZI 238 series).
  • Tissue homogeniser (Biospec 780CL).
  • Refrigerator and freezer.
  • Inhaled anaesthetic equipment.
  • Vertical laminar flow cabinets (Telstar V-100).
  • Biological safety cabinet (Telstar II-A).
  • C-arm and X-ray machine.
  • Surgical microscope (OPMI1) and magnifier.
  • Surgical equipment for laparotomy, traumatology and microsurgery.
  • Infrared lamps for large and small animals.


Porfolio of services:            

  • Accommodation and care of animals used in testing (supply of feed, water, bedding and environmental enrichment structures).
  • Supply of different strains of rats and mice bred in-house.
  • Animal colony management.
  • Consulting on handling, accommodation, feeding, reproduction, line maintenance and welfare of animals used for testing.
  • Consulting and collaboration in developing animal testing procedures (immobilisation, administering substances, taking samples, anaesthesia and analgesia, euthanasia, etc.).
  • Radiology service.
  • Surgery service.



The Experimental Surgery and Animal Facility Platform is located on level -1 in building S, next to the Son Espases University Hospital facilities. It has a floor area of 422 square metres.



Opening times:
The regular times for users to access the facilities is subject to the animals’ daily cycle: 8am-8pm Monday to Friday. Staff are in attendance for public visits from 9am to 4pm. Requests for access to the Experimental Surgery and Animal Facility Platform outside of regular hours must be put to the appropriate person in charge, indicating reasons for the requested access.


Personal Estabulario

Contact person:


Dra. Anna Tomás Sangenís


Telf.: (+34) 871 20 63 56 Ext. 64528


Maria Tortosa Montojo


Telf.: (+34) 871 20 63 56 Ext. 76356





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