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The introduction of new technologies into our daily lives, as well as its continuous development, has caused an ongoing production of large quantities of personal data. This also applies to the health sector.


Clinical databases are a significant opportunity to generate knowledge and to improve the health of the population. Big data allows us to know the clinical and healthcare reality of society. Its analysis offers new possibilities in terms of predictive modeling, behavior patterns, discovery of new needs, risk reduction, as well as in the ability to provide tailored services.


Being able to analyze all these clinical data would allow us to discover new associations, segment populations, and learn about new classification and prediction models, among others. Above all, it would serve us to improve patients' care, save lives, and reduce costs.


Therefore, the PRISIB aims to create databases based on electronic health records from IB‑SALUT and other complementary sources. With these, valid and reliable information would be at our disposal to create knowledge and support researchers with their projects. Also, the access and analysis of the information from the health system would facilitate innovation and the evaluation in the field of health.


The objective of the PRISIB is to use real data to benefit and enhance clinical and healthcare research. This way, the access to these data will help exploit relevant information for research projects, consolidate lines of research, offer new possibilities for research groups to initiate more ambitious research projects, and cater to every need of information necessary for its management.




The PRISIB offers the following services:


Database creation for research projects. Projects requesting data to the PRISIB must be motivated by a specific protocol duly developed by the research team responsible for the project. The project must have been approved by the pertinent research commission and the CEI-IB.


Projects can spring from competitive calls or from other projects funded with other funding that is available to the research team. Projects promoted by private or public institutions are also eligible.


Every application should follow the proportionality principle for the requested data, opting to access the minimum data necessary to fulfill the research's objective.


By requesting the PRISIB services, it is possible to perform different epidemiological studies such as risk factors, among others.


Inquiries about viability or exploratory studies. Apart from the creation of databases for research projects, the PRISIB also offers inquiries services for viability studies, offering approximation data without quality control. Its objective is to provide a first approximation to assess if a subsequent, well-defined study should be performed. In these studies, the objective is to uncover the N that is available in the database for a specific problem. This information is provided free of charge, as it serves to reveal the feasibility of subsequent studies.


Vector maps. Data representation in vector maps of the following geographical divisions of the Balearic Islands: island, municipality, neighborhood, district, section, tourist areas, public health basic areas (ZBS), and region.


Data Sources


Our clinical information comes from more than a million patients, who are distributed among 59 health centers, 89 basic units, 33 PAC, 47 UAM, and 7 hospitals of the Balearic Islands.


Ethical Principles


The platform follows the strictest ethical principles to reach the objectives with guarantee.


Those who request any database must sign the commitment form to respect and comply with every principle and access condition that are to be established.


Personal Data Protection


Apart from the ethical principles, the PRISIB will also establish additional security measures to guarantee the privacy and the protection of personal data.


Whenever the creation of a database is authorized, the provided data will be anonymized.


With regard to the data that cannot be unidentified due to its own nature, such as genomic data, informed consent is mandatory to access and use them.


This complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.


Resources and Location


The PRISIB counts with a computer technician able to extract electronic health records as well as others through SQL.


The platform's support personnel are located at the health system's office.


Contact Information

Pau Pericàs Pulido
Telf.: (+34) 971 17 59 32 Ext. 76407






Please read these instructions:


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  3. Save the changes made. 
  4. Fill in the web form, attach the application and click on the send button.
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