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The introduction of technologies in our day-to-day and its constant development has today led to the generation of a large amount of data from people, and the health field is not an exception.

The large clinical databases are an opportunity to generate knowledge and to improve health. The massive data allow to know the clinical and health care reality of the population and its analysis can offer new possibilities in the elaboration of predictive models, patterns of behavior, the discovery of new needs, reducing risks, as well as providing more personalized services.

Having the possibility of analyzing all these clinical data would allow, among others, to discover associations, segment populations, learn classification and prediction models and, ultimately, empower us to improve patient care, save lives and reduce costs.

Therefore, the objective of the PRHIIB platform is to be able to generate databases from the computerized medical records of IB-Health and other complementary sources, which allow to have valid and reliable information to create knowledge and support research, as well as to facilitate innovation and evaluation in the health field through the access and information analysis of the health system.

The purpose of this platform is to benefit and strengthen clinical and health research with real data, so that access to all these data helps to exploit a lot of information relevant to research, as well as consolidate research lines and offer possibilities for ambitious projects to research groups, or simply respond to information needs essential for management.

Ethical principles:


The platform will follow the strictest ethical principles to achieve the objectives with all the guarantees.

The applicants of the databases will sign through the agreement the commitment to respect the principles and compliance with the established access conditions.


Proteccion of personal data:


In addition to ethical principles, this platform will implement security measures to guarantee privacy and reinforce the protection of personal data:


  • In those cases in which the creation of a database is authorized, the data provided will be anonymous.
  • The use of informed consent will be required for the access and use of those data that can not be disidentified by their own nature, such as genomic data.
  • Action will be taken in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of April 27, 2016.


Platform resources and location:

The Platform has a computer technician with the ability to extract data from electronic medical records and others using SQL.


The location of the support staff of the platform will be the health service office.

Contact person:

Catalina Aguiló Monjo
Telf.: (+34) 871 20 52 34 Ext. 66310






Please read these instructions:


  1. Open the application and save it on the computer. 
  2. Complete the application fields. 
  3. Save the changes made. 
  4. Fill in the web form, attach the application and click on the send button.
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