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The main objective of the IdISBa Proteomics platform is to foster scientific research and technological development in the field of proteomics, enabling studies into quantitative proteomics and protein-protein interactions, as well as characterising differential expressions and post-translational modifications. 




  • LAS 4000 chemiluminescence imager (General Electric).
  • FLA 9500 fluorescence scanner (General Electric).
  • Odyssey CLX infrared scanner (LI-COR).
  • MAGPIX Luminex unit (Millipore).
  • 2 EPS-601 electrophoresis power supplies (General Electric).
  • Mini VE vertical electrophoresis system (General Electric).
  • 2D Ettam Dalt Six electrophoresis system (General Electric).
  • ETTAM IPGphor 3 isoelectric focusing system (General Electric).
  • TransBlot Turbo transfer system (BioRad).
  • Duomax 1030 rocker shaker (Heidolph).
  • Multimode plate reader Biotek Synergy H1.

Portfolio of services:

The main applications offered by the IdISBa in the field of proteomics are:


  • One-dimensional and two-dimensional electrophoretic protein separation.
  • Differential expression analysis using chemiluminescence or infrared (Western blotting) and by DIGE.
  • Quantification through multiplex techniques (Luminex).
  • Training users in handling the equipment available in the Platform.
  • Technical consulting in experimental design, preparing samples, image analysis, etc..



The Proteomics platform is located in Module I on level -1 at Son Espases University Hospital. It has a floor area of 19.4 square metres.


Personal Proteómica

Contact person:

Dr. Carlos Río Bocos
Telf.: (+34) 871 20 52 34 Ext. 64521






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