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The objective of the Clinical Trials and Methodology Support Platform is to provide support to help all research groups conduct clinical research projects. This support can be divided into four main areas:


  • Clinical research methodology support.
  • Statistical support.
  • Documentation, logistics and administrative support.
  • Support in conducting Clinical Trials, chiefly in phase III and IV. 

The staff at the Clinical Trials and Methodology Support Platform consists of an experienced group of professionals that includes, among others, a co-ordinator, a clinical pharmacologist with ample experience in co-ordinating and advising on conducting clinical trials in all their phases, including methodology management and support, epidemiologists, research nurses and administrative staff.




  • Electrocardiograph with wireless server transfer.
  • Tensiometers.
  • Weighing scale with stadiometer.
  • DEXA densitometer.
  • Pulsioximeters.
  • Spirometer.
  • Bunk beds (including one with special width for obese patients).
  • Centrifuge.
  • Freezers.
  • Defibrillator.
  • Videoconference equipment.
  • Automated questionnaire reader. TeleForm.
  • Statistical analysis software (Stata, R).


Portfolio of services:


1 - Observational studies (recording cases, cross-cutting studies, cases and control and cohorts)


  • Consulting on methodology in designing protocols.
  • Designing questionnaires (hard copy/online).
  • Statistical analysis and interpreting results.
  • Consulting on drafting papers for conferences and scientific articles.

2 - Clinical trials


  • Protocol methodology design and consulting.
  • Preparing and sending projects to appropriate Clinical Research Ethical Committees (CEICs).
  • Quality control for cinical trials documentation.
  • Quality control for clinical trials procedures.
  • Controlling archive documentation.
  • Conducting study visits by nursing staff, including gathering demographic and anthropometric data, taking blood and other complementary protocol-based testing (electrocardiograph, spirometry, etc.).
  • Administrative management of visits and tests conducted.
  • Financial management of the testing or project.
  • Statistical analysis and final report on the trial carried out.


The Trials Platform is located in Module I on level -1 at Son Espases University Hospital. It has a floor area of 259.45 square metres.


Personal EECC


Contact person:

Marga Frontera Borrueco


Telf.: (+34) 871205334 Ext. 66310



  1. Estudios observacionales (registro de casos, estudios transversales, casos y controles y cohortes)
  • Asesoramiento Metodológico en el diseño de protocolos
  • Diseño de cuestionarios (en papel/on line)
  • Análisis estadístico e interpretación de resultados
  • Asesoramiento en la redacción de comunicaciones en congresos y artículos científicos




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