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Biobanks are reserves of samples for use in biomedical research, with necessary quality requirements for the technology available and with the legal requirements of the legislation in force.


Any researcher with a funded project may access the samples currently available in the biobank:

IdISBa Biobank


The IdISBa Biobank is a platform with the objective of co-ordinating the collection, processing, storage and assignment of biological samples for quality biomedical research.


The mission of the Biobank is to make a standardised collection of biological samples available to the scientific community, which will enable quality biomedical research to be developed and carried out in accordance with the legislation in force.


The IdISBa Biobank is registered as number B527 on the National Biobank Register.


In addition, in the IdISBa facilities, it is located the CIBERES Lung Biobank.




  • LEICA TP1020 Benchtop Tissue Processor.
  • LEICA EG1150H Paraffin Embedding Module.
  • LEICA EG1150C Cold Plate for Paraffin Modules.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Cold Plate for Paraffin Modules.
  • LEICA RM2235 Manual Microtome.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific HM 355 S Rotary Microtome.
  • LEICA HI1210 Water Bath.
  • Thermo Fisher ScientificSB 80 Water Bath.
  • LEICA CM3050S Cryostat for cryosectioning.
  • Microm HM550 Cryostat.
  • 4 NIRCO Nuaire NU9668E Ultralow Freezer -80ºC.
  • Eppendorf 5810 R Centrifuge and Rotors.
  • Jouan B4i Cold Centrifuge.
  • QIAGEN TissueLyser LT.
  • Selecta drying oven.

Porfolio of services:


As well as the catalogues of human biological samples, the main applications offered by the IdISBa within the Biobank Platform are:


  • Assigning human samples: Frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues, fluids (serum, plasma, urine, etc.).
  • Management of sample collections.
  • Histological Techniques: Processing frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue.
  • Haematoxylin-Eosin (HE) staining.
  • Molecular Techniques: DNA/RNA extraction.
  • Technical and scientific consulting on creating and managing new collections.
  • Methodology (technical consulting).



The IdISBa Biobank is in Module I on level -1 of Son Espases University Hospital, with 98.8 square metres of floor area, a cryopreservation room, two laboratories and a multi-purpose office.

Contact person:

Victoria Elizabeth Cano García







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