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IdISBa Biobank is a science and technology platform that supports biomedical research. Ensuring the rights of donors, the IdISBa Biobank's main purpose is to provide the scientific community with human biological samples as well as with their associated clinical data. These are standardized to offer a high-quality service. IdISBa's commitment to high-quality standards of quality has been recognized in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which was obtained in 2022. This guarantees that its procedures are organized following a process management system as well as a quality policy that aims to ensure the users' satisfaction and continuous improvement. 


IdISBa Biobank was authorized on 11 January 2013 by the DG of Health Research, Training, and Accreditation of the Balearic Islands (No.: 3409). Also, IdISBa Biobank is registered at the National Registry of Biobanks (registry no.: B.0000527) and it is part of the Platform ISCIII Biobank and Biomodels.  






  1. Transfer of human samples for biomedical research projects: blood products, milk, urine, cells, and frozen or in-paraffin fresh tissues.
  • Sarcomas: FFPE and frozen tissue.
  • Lymphoma: blood (blood products), DNA, and frozen fresh tissue.
  • Gliomas: frozen tissue.
  • Ovarian cancer: blood, blood products, frozen tissue and OCT-embedded frozen tissue "cryomold".
  • COVID-19: blood and urine from admitted patients in ward and ICU and from follow-up patients.
  • Healthy donors: donations from healthy control donors and surplus samples from the FBSTIB (samples discarded from therapeutic process: milk, blood, cord blood, blood products, osteotendinous tissue, or retinas).
  1. Safekeeping: management and preservation of samples from biomedical research projects.
  1. Histological techniques: soft and bone tissue fixation and embedding in paraffin for research projects. Sectioning and staining of fresh or in-paraffin tissue. Hematoxilin and eosine stain.


IdISBa Biobank is aware of the importance of establishing a culture of quality in its offered services. For this reason, this is considered a strategic factor for the competences and abilities of the biobank's personnel to be recognized by both the scientific community and people in general.





University Hospital Son Espases: Building I, Floor -1.

Contact person:


Victoria Elizabeth Cano García
Tel.: (+34) 659 70 23 34 Ext. 47545
Tel.: (+34) 871 20 52 34 Ext. 64537








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