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Director Científico
On 23 December 2013, the agreement was signed to create the Institut d’Investigació Sanitària Illes Balears (IdISBa) –formerly the IdISPA– between the Health Department of the Balearic Islands, the Balearic Health Service (IBSalut), which encompasses Son Espases University Hospital, Son Llàtzer Hospital and the Mallorca Primary Healthcare Service, the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) through the University Institute of Health Sciences Research (IUNICS) and the Balearic Islands Blood and Tissue Bank Foundation.
The IdISBa was created from the most pioneering groups of our participating institutions, which were assessed in relation to four key sections: scientific production, R&D&I projects and results, income per activity, and training and teaching. In so doing, a Scientific Plan was devised with researchers meeting the required criteria of excellence..

As the scientific director of the IdISBa I am aware of certain major challenges. The first of these is to ensure that research groups, which include a total of more than 550 professional involved in research activity, have a base from which to interact and carry out joint and multidisciplinary projects. To that end, research groups have been divided into seven common thematic areas that constitute our main lines of research.


These projects and common lines of research need to be in line with the recommendations for national and international research policies. We will also be strengthening translational research and policies relating to technological innovation and transfer, because any investment into research that does not produce a return on that investment now has to be called into question.


To consolidate the Institute we need to secure operating and upkeep funds which must by necessity be efficient and competitive within the current framework. Cutbacks in research policies and funding are dramatic, with many young researchers unable to develop their careers in research. We hope that polices change, and the best way to do that must be by showing that we can attract talent, create wealth and results for society, and be able to compete and adapt in this global environment.


We have significant strengths to achieve this: a sufficient critical mass of researchers, new facilities that are both spacious and well equipped in terms of technology, coverage of the entire value chain of research (basic groups and both primary and tertiary clinical groups) and the enthusiasm of working together in a new Institute. 


If we work together and are organised, the results will soon be seen.


Warmest regards,


Dr. Miquel Fiol Sala



Managing Director


Director GerenteAs the Managing Director of the Balearic Islands Health Research Institute (IdISBa, for its name in Spanish, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Illes Balears) I firmly believe it is of high importance that researchers are given all the necessary support so their work is appreciated and their activity promoted.


To achieve this, we need to put in effort into the acknowledgment of work conditions and rights along with the guarantee of optimal conditions for the development of the research activity, for these elements are more than necessary not only for the talent recruitment and its retention, but also for the guaranteed professional development of our researchers.


From the Institute’s management, we intend to provide the Institute with a renowned multidisciplinary team for every support area so as to promote team spirit at work and offer outstanding services on the administrative, legal, and financing levels to our researchers. There is no doubt that this will not only ease the path to accomplish our own mission but also speed up each process and, consequently, this will establish an environment in which funding, both from public and private investments, becomes easier and thus, research activity will see an increase.


As an accredited institution recognized by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, we must reinforce our national and international positions by aligning our strategic lines with the required indications and by being relentlessly focused in a collaborative and excellent research that looks for translational results with direct impact both on our health and our society.


For all these reasons, we think it is essential we keep updated with regards to new technologies and that we must have an ambitious communication plan that shall strongly connect us not only with every research environment but also with every entity that takes part in our society.


Furthermore, it is greatly significant that our team is actively involved in further training. Our institute’s core value involves the encouragement of up-to-date and continuous training for all our human resources, including training for both research technical skills and personal.


Therefore, I kindly invite you to know us and to participate with the IdISBa, a hopeful research institute eager to complete the new challenges that aim to improve and contribute to the future of our health service and to our society.




José Lladó Iglesias

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