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External Scientific Commitee:

The External Scientific Committee (CCE) is the strategic scientific advisory body of the IdISBa:


  • Magdalena Sastre, Professor of Medicine at Imperial College London.
  • Lluís Quintana-Murci, Head of the Laboratory of Human Evolutionary Genetics, at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.
  • Marina Saetta, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pádova.
  • Sergio Erill Sáez, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Dr Antonio Esteve Foundation.
  • Ildefonso Hernández Aguado, Professor of Public Health at the Miguel Hernández University.
  • Rafael Cantón Moreno, Head of Microbiology, Ramón y Cajal Institute of Health Research.
  • Neus Visa Manté, Professor at the Department of Molecular Biosciences, Stockholm University.
  • Guillermo García-Manero, Associate Lecturer in Medicine at the Leukaemia Department of the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Antoni Gelabert Mas, Professor of Urology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Head of Urology, Hospital del Mar, Barcelona.
  • Ramón Martí Seves, Mitochondrial and Neuromuscular Pathology Unit, Vall d’Hebrón University Hospital.
  • Teresa Riera Madurell: Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of the Balearic Islands.
  • Pilar Goya Laza: Research Professor at the CSIC (Institute of Medical Chemistry-CSIC).


Internal Scientific Committee:

The Internal Scientific Committee (CCI) is the scientific advisory body of the Executive Committee for the activity carried out by the IdISBa:


  • Chair: Scientific Director of the IdISBa.
    Miquel Fiol Sala
  • Members:
    • Bioengineering and Experimental Surgery Co-ordinator.
      Marta Monjo Cabrer
    • Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health Co-ordinator.
      Joan Llobera Cánaves
    • Infectious and Immunological Diseases Co-ordinator.
      Antonio Oliver Palomo
    • Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition Co-ordinator.
      Magdalena Gianotti Bauzá
    • Respiratory and Cardiovascular Diseases Co-ordinator.
      Jaume Sauleda Roig
    • Neurosciences Co-ordinator.
      Cristòfol Vives Bauzà
    • Oncohaematology Co-ordinator.
      Pilar Roca Salom
    • IUNICS Representative.
      Félix Grases Freixedas
    • AP-Mallorca Representative.
      Magdalena Esteva Cantó
    • HUSE Representative.
      Fco. Borja García-Cosio Piqueras
    • FBSTIB Representative.
      Antoni Gayà Puig
    • HSLL Representative.
      Lluís Masmiquel Comas
  • Secretary: Managing Director of the IdISBa.
    Davíd Martínez Bestard


Social and Business Council:

The Social and Business Council (SBC) of the IdISBa is an advisory body in the Board of Trustees and civil society participation that aims to facilitate the participation of different social and economic sectors in the analysis and development of the scientific strategy of the institution and reinforce the social commitment of the institution:

  • President:
    • Emeritus Cardiac Surgery.
      José Oriol Bonnin Gubianas
  • Holder of the general directorate responsible for health research:
    • General Director of Accreditation, Teaching and Health Research.
      Margarita Frontera Borrueco
  • Scientific Director of the IdISBa:
    • Scientific Director.
      Miquel Fiol i Sala
  • Managing Director of IdISBa:
    • Managing Director.
      David Martínez Bestard
  • Representative of the Company Committee of the IdISBa:
    • DUI Clinical Trials Platform.
      Meritxell López Zamora
  • Representative of the IdISBa researchers:
    • Principal Investigator.
      María Adoración Romaguera Bosch
  • Representatives of patient associations:
    • Balearic Association of Multiple Sclerosis (ABDEM).
      Colau Terrassa Solé (Managing Director) 
    • Respiralia Foundation.
      Carlos Pons Llull (Managing Director)
    • Spanish Anti-Cancer Association (AECC).
      Javier Cortes Bordoy (Deputy Secretary AECC)
    • Balearic Islands Association of people with Diabetes (ADIBA).
      Manuela de la Vega Llompart (President)
  • Representatives of the scientific societies registered in the area of ​​the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands:
    • Royal Academy of Medicine.
      Javier Cortes Bordoy (Full member) 
    • Balearic Medical Academy.
      Jordi Reina Prieto (President)
  • Representatives of the business fabric of the Balearic Islands:
    • Balearic Islands Confederation of Busines Associations (CAEB).
      Sergio Bertrán Damián (Managing Director)
    • Mallorca Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (PIMEM).
      Jordi Mora Vallbona (President)
  • Representative of the Biotechnological and Biomedical Cluster of the Balearic Islands (BIOIB):
    • Managing Director.
      Mariela Adrover Barceló
  • Representative of a Balearic research center:
    • Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC).
      Maxi San Miguel Ruibal (President)
  • Representatives of social works of financial entities:
    • "Caja Colonya".
      Juan José Caldes Casas (Institutional Relations and Ethical Savings)
    • “La Caixa” Banking Foundation.
      Àngel Font Vidal (Corporate Director of Research and Strategy)
  • Representatives of Business Foundations:
    • Mallorca Industrial Association Foundation (ASIMA).
      Alejandro Sáenz de San Pedro García (Foundation Director) 
    • Rubió Foundation.
      Miguel Gascón Mir (position)
    • Mallorca Economy Cercle.
      Andreu Rotger Amengual (Former President)
  • Representative of the Balearic Europe Center:
    • Managing Director.
      Rosa Mª Cañameras Bernaldo
  • Representantive of Farmaindustria:
    • Director of the Department of Relations with the Autonomous Regions.
      José Ramón Luis-Yagüe
  • Representative of the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (FENIN):
    • Senior Advisor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
      Angel Lanuza
  • Representative of the General Directorate of Public Health:
    • General Director of Public Health and Participation of the Balearic Islands.
      Maria Ramos Monserrat
  • Responsible for the OTRI-IdISBa, which will act as secretary:
    • Innovation Responsible.
      Carlos Enrique Herrero


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