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Call 2019


General information


The García-Palmer Summer Internship Program of the Balearic Islands Health Research Institute (IdISBa) aims to bring biosanitary research closer to university students, in order to help them prepare for the work world and boost scientific vocations.

The program consists of a call for summer internship contracts for students in the last year of Degree or Master. A maximum of 4 places are offered to students to complete their training during the summer months in the research groups of the Institute. The possible receiving groups for this call and the information related to their lines of research is available at ( The training program will have a theoretical and practical dual aspect and a duration of 10 weeks between July 1 and September 6, 2019.


Requirements for applicants


Applicants who wish to participate in the program must:


  1. Have been enrolled in the last year of a degree or a master's degree in the field of health sciences or related areas in this field (physics, chemistry, engineering ...) during the academic year 2018/2019.
  2. Have an academic record with a grade average equal to or greater than 2 (on the scale 1-4).
  3. Applicants with foreign records must attach the equivalence of their student records made through the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation- ANECA ( 
  4. Have been accepted by any of the possible receiving groups. Only one group acceptance document for candidate will be accepted. Research groups can submit a maximum of two applications, although it is limited to a single concession per group.




On the website of the IDISBa the applicant can find the research groups to which to attach their application along with the acceptance document of the group, which once signed in all its fields, must be part of the application as an indispensable requirement. This field will be open until the last business day of presentation of entries.

The call will be published on the IdISBa website, which will indicate the procedure by which applications can be submitted. Applications will include, at a minimum:


  1. Application form, available in the call. 
  2. Curriculum vitae. 
  3. Document of consultation of the academic record. 
  4. Documents accrediting the proposed merits.
  5. Motivation letter (maximum 200 words). 
  6. Acceptance document by a receiving group. 


Internship duration


  • The internships will last for 10 weeks and will be distributed between July 1 and September 6.
  • The contracts will be concluded part-time at a rate of 6 hours per day (30 weekly).


Internship rules


  1. The recruitment will be in the modality of fixed-term employment contract..
  2. The internships will be remunerated with € 840 gross monthly salary for 30 hours per week.
  3. Once the internship is over, and always in the month following this date, the selected applicants must deliver to the Scientific Director of 'IdISBa a report containing the most noteworthy events of the development of the internship.


Applicants evaluation 


The evaluation committee shall be made up of:

  • Dr. Miquel Fiol: scientific director of the dISBa.
  • Ms. Nuria Casas: responsible for Training and Communication of the IdISBa.
  • Mr. Ángel Rios: representative of the Company Workers' Committee of the IDISBa.
  • Ms. Isabel Teruel: competitive projects of the IdISBa.
  • Human Resources manager of the IdISBa, acting as Secretary of the Selection Board.


The evaluation, according to the scale established in the call, will respond to the following distribution:


  • Curricular merits of the student: up to 90 points.
  • Personal interview and motivation letter: up to 10 points. 

The resolution will be made public on the IdISBa website.


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