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The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) focuses its investments in several key priority areas such as innovation and research, the development of the digital economy, support for small and medium-sized companies and the development of the low-carbon economy. It also finances territorial cooperation projects.








Vice Presidency and Ministry of Innovation, Research and Tourism. General Directorate of Innovation and Research



Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities


  • Challenges Research: R + D + i Projects
    • This action is intended to promote the generation of scientific knowledge aimed at finding solutions to the problems presented in the challenges of the society identified in the Spanish Strategy of Science and Technology, and Innovation and the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, through quality research, evidenced both by its contribution of its results to forums of high scientific and technological impact or the internationalization of activities.


Carlos III Health Institute


  • Projects associated with Miguel Servet Type-I contracts
    • The purpose of this action is to finance the projects associated with the recruiting of doctors with an accredited research career in centers within the scope of the National Health System.
  • Health research projects (PI)
    • The purpose of this action is the financing of projects intended to work on a consistent-quality research line.
  • Dynamisation actions "Networks of Excellence"
    • The grants are intended to finance staffl expenses, organizational costs and assistance to scientific-technical activities of the network and other expenses related to the development and execution of the activities for which they have been granted.


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